igloohome Smart Mortise 2+

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No two fingerprints are the same. Unlike other authentication methods, your fingerprint is more secure as it cannot be replicated. 


  1. 2D capacitive-contact technology
  2. 508 DPI spatial resolution
  3. Image capture speed of up to 2 megapixel per second
  4. 3.5 million finger placements
  5. Enhanced ESD resistivity
  6. Concealed design to reduce unwanted tampering

Convenience on the go. 

All igloohome devices work with the igloohome mobile app. You can manage access to your property anytime, anywhere. 

  1. Grant access anytime, anywhere.

Via the mobile app, you can send PIN codes and Bluetooth keys from wherever you are. Our unique algoPIN™ technology makes this possible with bank-level security, so you don’t have to be near the lock to grant access to those who need it.

  1. Greater peace of mind.

Unlike conventional locks, the igloohome mobile app allows you to track dates and times at which visitors enter your home. Activity logs provide greater visibility for a greater peace of mind. 

  1. Safeguard your home. 

Choose from One-Time, a duration, recurring or permanent PIN codes. Time-sensitive access ensures that your home will always be kept safe. You can also view activity logs to see who, when and how the Mortise was unlocked. 

*PIN code logs are updated when the master owner unlocks the Mortise via a Bluetooth key. Bluetooth access is updated in real-time.