igloohome Smart Deadbolt 2S Metal Grey

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The Smart Deadbolt 2S Metal Grey
The key to greater peace of mind. 

The igloohome Smart Deadbolt 2S Metal Grey features a fresh look to the slimmest smart deadbolt in the world. Keeping to a sleek and minimalist exterior, it comes with more than enough features to rival the big boys. This is the epitome of style and substance. 

Access your home in 3 ways

<Bluetooth key> <PIN code> <Physical key>

Looks good, works better
Jam-packed with features to offer you greater peace of mind, you can be assured that your property is always secure:

  • Keypad security lockout
    Keypad is disabled after several incorrect PIN code attempts.
  • Auto relock
    The Deadbolt automatically relocks once it senses that the door is closed. 
  • Masking security code
    Throw off onlookers with decoy digits before keying in your actual PIN code. 
  • Emergency jumpstart
    Easily jumpstart the lock with a 9V battery if the lock's batteries are drained. 

Manage access anytime, anywhere
All igloohome devices work with the igloohome mobile app. 

  • Grant access remotely
    Create and send time-sensitive PIN codes or Bluetooth keys to your guests. There's no need to be near your lock to do this.
    <Access screen>
  • Safeguard your home
    Set timed access for different visitors. You can grant access for days, weeks or months - it's up to you.
    <Access type screen>
  • View activity logs
    The igloohome mobile app lets you track dates and times at which visitors enter your home.
    * Bluetooth activity logs are updated in real-time while PIN code activity logs are updated each time the lock is synced to the app via Bluetooth.
    <Activity logs screen> 

The algoPIN™ technology
Even with its remote capabilities, the Deadbolt 2S Metal Grey works offline for enhanced reliability and security. There's no worries of WiFi hacking or network instability. 

It features the innovative algoPIN™ technology which makes our security products suitable for properties with weak or no WiFi connections at all. There's no need to download an additional app to receive PIN code access. 


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